"Over the rainbow"

...an answer to the crisis ? : 3 painters from the North: Yvan THEYS, Bernard GAUBE, Thierry DIERS
01 September - 24 September 2011

3 painters from the North, Yvan THEYS (1936- 2004), Bernard GAUBE (1952), Thierry DIERS (1954).

An exhibition of painting at the confluence of the Germanic and Latin cultures that transcends mere vogues. Here are three artists who have never stopped expressing themselves through painting, despite certain critics and contemporary art institutions who would have us believe this medium has become obsolete − though it is still being supported by a network of private collectors.

Dialogen met de kunsttraditie – Dialogue with the masters: These three painters fed on, faced, and took on the same multiple artistic references, between abstraction and the new figuration, and the great figures in the history of art from the 17th and 20th centuries. What’s more, one of them was the pupil of the other.

Tevens gaat het over De Schilderkunst – And it’s also about the art of painting: What really unites them, over and above their geographic origins, is this frenzy to paint, this incurable need to paint that transforms every thought, every feeling, every space… into a pictorial translation. From numerous preparatory drawings to works constantly being re-worked, from a thick, relief touch to smooth areas of flat colours, their brush-strokes from a colourful palette − all this goes to show us painting is not dead in the West and that the “doing” of painting is still very much brilliant current event.

“Over the Rainbow - Boven de Regenboog”: painting that transcends mere vogues, guided by emotion.