THEYS Yvan (1936)

Painter (1936- 2005)


Yvan Theys has developed a figurative expressionist painting in which he inserts abstract elements and geometric shapes, in a way that it is clean. His work is close to the new representation, but does not fall into any specific course. We can still find many references in his work as the CoBrA he was close. As elements referring to the Bauhaus or pointillism. It is based on his daily and images around them. It was near Rainier Lucassen and Alfons Freymuth and marked the eyes of many architects and artists who frequented his studio in Saint Luc Tournai: Eric Dossin Francois Dumoulin, Jean Michel Wilmotte, Thierry Diers

“My art is about emotions: this is my principal connection with life. It is also about the art of painting, as without thought, emotions do not lead very far. In the tension between the mental and the physical I try to create a gripping art with a strong emotional intensity and a coersive force of imaginary.”

Yvan Theys