Gaube Bernard (1952)

Painter. Works and lives in Bruxelles



In 1982, after an international career as a ceramist, Bernard Gaube participated for the first time at Art Basel.
It will be the beginning of his career as a painter, the beginning of his participation in many art fairs, and a long series of personal exhibitions.
His works are presented both in Belgium and abroad.
Rare painter, he never ceased to discover painting and question it.

“ Bernard Gaube is an atypical painter. His work is unlike any other, it belongs to no tendency, no particular current, it is essentially a recurring
questioning of painting that could be described as postmodern insofar as it encompasses a large part of the pictorial advances made in the last century, reworked in personal and unprecedented formulations.
(...)In a word, without playing the iconoclasts, he reinvents the pictorial genres by the pleasure of practicing them freely. His painting is an happiness of being that constantly defies all principles and norms, which undermines theories and offers itself the possibility of being above all itself, free from being, free from all fantasy, and free to be interpreted.“

Claude Lorent, ‘ Réenchanter. Une peinture libre ’, in La Libre Belgique, October 18th, 2013. Trad. Bernard Gaube studio

Prizes and distinctions rewarded his work. Today, he is a member of the Alumni College of the Royal Academy of Belgium.
Many encounters and collaborations will gradually open him to painting and art, and will profoundly transform the self-taught animated by a desire to be, to become a painter. Since then, he continues his journey…