GIRARD Florent (1989)

Painter, lives and works in Normandy.

There is painting which is created out of material and abundance. Florent Girard’s Works are essentially like this.

In order to show the stangeness of the peripheral landscapes that we frequently encounter and that he explores in its colours, its vacuities, its trajectoires, we must not only observe the visual mix that coexisting in these places, we have to feel the vanishing points, the twisted horizons, the industrial accumulations and commercial fluorescent lighting.

By progressively taking into account these improptu, massive or cellular signs, he impregnates them in a pictural magma and brings into existance an improbable landscape injected with oil and acrylic. Surprising lands are formed, reminding us vaguely of warehouses, geographic sign-posts or massive computer generated organic hybrid forms.

To better apprehend these enclosed spaces, he sometimes separates them, stocking the colour in one part of the painting in order to efface what lies outside as if to keep us better imprisonned by th suburban inventory.

Because painting is not only a matter of ideas, we must above all perceive the chemistry of its pictoriality, its mixtures of dirtied colours, barred by cold, lines or spray paint drift sometimes coming to mark the space in its totality.

Indeed, what happens outside the city walls is a war of forms conducted whithout planning permission. From here, Florent Girard takes his abnormal landscapes where incongruous spaces are superposed to create surprising painting.

Baptiste Roux