DIERS Thierry (1954)

Painter, lives and works in Charente Maritime.


Thierry Diers’ painting is definitively akin to abstract expressionism, seeking & feeling the need of catching emotion which is the very subject of his painting : “I am in search of a vibration. Vibration comes first, it is to be found everywhere, it is intrinsic to life, it is life itself.”


In his emotion, the artist puts himself steadfastly at the disposal of painting, confident but aware of the necessity of losing himself without being overwhelmed, of letting himself being submerged by these accidents which alone can nurture creation.

The artist is listening to the silent inner clatter when uncertainty springs out & steals away, gives & offers itself, when doubting that everything is obvious comes forth, when reality hides itself when it reveals itself, convinced that the truth is endlessly to be found somewhere else. The painter then passes on a message : “ It is my mission to translate, to be the most accurate filter in the service of a message, of a philosophy of the time, of people.”


A slow meditative, sometimes narrow path, like those in mountains which leads to a world of colours. The independence & freedom of the artist are the price of this never-ending climbing. You discover painting then as you follow the thread of a longing for travelling.



Born in the cultural as well as geographical in-between of the French & Flemish Flanders, a country where earth, see & clouds are intertwined & swept by the wind, Thierry Diers remains a painter of the North dazzled by the blazing light of the South.


Thierry Diers’ painting is based upon colour & light. Whether the paintings are large or smaller, through harmony or chosen clash, through radiant colourings which vanish away or break apart, the intended colours reach the climax of the fightings.


Out of any constrained hypothesis, when leaving aside any reference is no more sufficient, a list of symbols & forms comes up. They forge autonomous keys & open the doors of Mystery.


From the abstract spaces of the first canvasses to the present lack of figuration, Thierry Diers invents a recognizable & specific writing : a language. In his singularity, the painter’s universe becomes finally the onlooker’s world. This perception depicts the world to us.

Alain DAILL  ( Montesquiou, juillet 2010)