CHAUVEAUX Frédérique (1957)

French dancer-interpreter, choreographer and video director.
She lives and works in Paris, France


In the same way as our society which seeks by every means to re-enchant,to reinvent itself,this video installation reveals a half-oneiric half-realworld and questions the invasion of our lives by the image, leading to a virtual disappearance of the object itself in favor of its reflection(ceci n'est pas une pipe),in an illusory dematerialized digital society and in search of a saving form of spirituality.

At the same time internal fire,renaissance or even vital source ... Fire provokes disturbance and the desire to approach linked to the fear of burning. True and false are invited here through the idea of ​​fire (filmed) devouring the real shirts.

One of the major axes of my research is to project on objects. Selected for their ergonomic and semantic functions, they are transformed into visual supports / film screens. My installations merge two modes of representation: the physical object and its image. The spectator perceives at once the real space and that of representation. Involving itself in the psychic universe of the spectator, this apparatus disrupts his perception and lets occur an other presence

This is why this work, a sensitive and poetic evocation of "passion" - understood in its original sense of suffering, but also of vital intensity, of a dazzling moment - is also an invitation to contemplation and aims to give free rein to the visitor's imagination ...

Watch an excerpt of the video "les mains" - objets perdus
(part of a video installation):

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